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How is this yogi / architect / founder building a balanced life? 

Find out in the latest Ketchup Boss Profile, where we talk to inspiring ladies living large about wellness, balance, food, vices and smiles.


3 words that best describe me

A little bit Freeky

5 years ago I was... Ah lets see. Five years ago I was in architecture school at Yale in New Haven. I spent so much of this time exhausted but it was such an incredible experience. I wouldn't trade it for the world! Being an architect and designer is something that has come to define every aspect of my life. I just left my job as an architect and product designer at Zaha Hadid Architects to run SereneBook full-time. 

My journey changed when... I have always been an uber high achiever to the point that it is almost a character flaw. In college I made myself literally sick with stress a couple of times. Everything sort of came to a head when I ended up in the hospital with minor stomach ulcers caused from stress. It is quite a wakeup call when your boyfriend has to cart you to the emergency room on his shoulder because you can't walk in order to be put on morphine from stress related illness! Our brains are so closely linked to the functioning of our bodies - so often we forget the mind:body connection. It is everything! Meditation and a regular yoga practice (and subsequently becoming a yoga instructor) has literally changed my bodily health, brain chemistry, and life balance.

The one piece of advice I’d give myself of 2 years ago is... You are about to go through a huge upheaval in a couple of months but its going to be fine in the end. No, its going to be great in the end and the journey will be unforgettable.  

In 3 years I'll probably be... Hopefully spending every day working on manifesting amazing things with my SERENE co-founders Millana Snow and Jordan Daly in our beautiful, sustainably designed office space with an incredible team of beautiful women (and maybe men...although we haven't hired any yet!)


What do the words ‘wellness’ & ‘balance’ mean to you in terms of your daily life, career and creative process? Balance is the focus of everything I teach and write. I have found myself so out of balance so many times in my life that bringing myself back to center has become a speciality.  Things I do to balance: 1) Create ritual. Morning rituals and evening rituals are really important. In the morning I drink Cider Vinegar and Honey and a bunch of water while listening to BBC. Sometimes thats all I have time to do while I am at home, but just doing something that simple every day helps to ground. In the evening I love to take a bath and spend at least 15 minutes reading something fun in bed before going to sleep. Oh and I also give myself a mini self-facial every night with a night creme from AESOP or Neil's Yard Remedies. I also really love these face oils that Jenna Levine the founder of Linne gave me a few weeks ago.

Describe your favourite part of your daily routine.. I love water, so I often get stuck in the shower or bath for way too long. I also really love riding my bike to work.  



No one person has said this to me, but over the years I have learned this: ignore people who don't get you. They aren't your tribe. 



When do you feel most confident? Right after achieving a big goal of some sort, I always feel like I can take on whatever comes my way. This can be dangerous because it is addicting to accomplish things and life is not about is about the whole journey not just the end result!  

 Name 3 things that make you happy:
1) Coffee
2) Playing with my very Czech boyfriend in a park in London or New York. He is a kickboxing world champion so we often end up doing yoga or running around kicking things. We like to play. 
3) Running with my little cousin through the Arizona desert mountains





Quick Q’s: 

My sweat is... yoga and HIIT

My meditation is…. teaching meditation, I put myself in a trance!

My eating style is…. quick and clean and whole

Vice I’ll never give up... coffee obviously

Fitness / Wellness trend I secretly want to try... winged suit flying..but I will never actually do it!

Favourite Movie... When Harry Met Sally

Last Holiday... Amalfi Coast (Praiano and Positano and Salerno) for the opening of the Zaha Hadid Salerno Ferry Terminal a few weeks ago


Best local lunch spot...  I love Raw Duck near my house in Hackney, London

Favourite Instagram accounts... @overheardinla - I die. 

Book I most recommend to others... Everyone must read Oryx and Crake and the following books by Margaret Atwood. They show us how the world could look if we don't consider the scientific and environmental choices we make every day by consuming and voting with our dollars! But the books are novels so they are really fun to read and don't seem preachy. 

Beauty item I can’t live without... I am in love with this Lake and Skye perfume in Wildflower that the founder Courtney Somer gave me at our New York Fashion Week pop up at BANDIER

Favourite App... Instagram

Current workout music... I love the song Sirens by Lola Marsh right now


Best piece of advice I ever received... No one person has said this to me, but over the years I have learned this: ignore people who don't get you. They aren't your tribe. 

The last thing I ate was... A rainbow salad I made at home

I chill the f*ck out by... Doing yoga

I’m looking forward to... Crawling into bed! This has been quite the Monday...

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