The Founders of SereneBook Spill Their Secrets (MBG Feature)

Jordan Daly, Millana Snow, and Tegan Bukowski are co-founders of SERENE and the recently launched SereneBook—the first wellness tech platform of its kind offering users one-on-one sessions with seasoned experts in holistic health and well-being. With more than 100 modalities of healing represented in its network, SereneBook is a game-changer in the holistic community.

Rituals have always been an important part of SERENE and for us as entrepreneurs. We think it's essential to create space within, which often comes by way of our daily rituals. Everything starts from there, from beauty to success, happiness, strong relationships, and health; it all comes from a centered and aligned energy within.



Jordan Daly


My natural beauty rituals stem from my deep connection to the inner and outer world. When I wake up, I plug in my headphones to listen to Kelly Morris of the Infinity Call, a guided meditation, that allows me to begin my day by going inward. Then I try to write at least three pages in my journal—a ritual implemented many years ago after reading The Artist's Way.

At home, I brew English breakfast tea with some kind of nut milk. If I'm teaching an early morning yoga class at yoganest in Venice, I ride my bike to Menotti's for an Americano before I start working.

When it comes to nourishing my skin, I keep it clean, natural, and simple. My favorite products include Everyday Coconut Face WashJosie Maran Argan Oil for face and hair, and Bourbon and Lavender Body Wash from Blackberry Farm. Makeup treasures include Eve Lom concealer and Fresh Sugar Tinted Lip Balm In Tulip.

About 90 percent of the time, I end my day in the same way I started it—on the beach. After an energizing flow at Yoga Collective, I'll hop onto my bike again and make my way down to the beach to watch the sunset. It is a reminder, every day, that the world is much bigger than you or me.

To settle down for the night, I'll either take a bath with Epsom salts or make a kettle of Roasted Dandelion Root Tea with manuka honey and read before going to bed.

Millana Snow

When it comes to ritual and routine, I'm consistent, but I also like to leave room for flexibility to avoid becoming stagnant. By switching up the actions of my day, my energy and creativity flows. Like Jordan, I start my day writing morning pages and a gratitude list. It's a practice I teach through my GetThankful program that can really transform energy and momentum.

I also love to start the day with a sweat or stretch. Beginning my day on an active note energizes me and opens up my mind to get thoughts flowing. I'm definitely flexible, though, switching from running the Marina, doing push-ups or situps at home, or going to the gym. I also love walking on the beach with my dog Aria and my boyfriend, Jéan.

I make a smoothie almost every morning. As a vegan, it's a great way to pack in my protein for the day. On top of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, I like to add nuts, cashew milk, and lots of superfoods. My go-tos include chia seeds, hemp seeds, spirulina, and Mucuna Pruriens Powder by Sun Potion.

My greatest beauty secret is water, drinking two liters a day at minimum. Going from drinking three or four cups of coffee a day to only drinking water, I quite literally run on H20. I stick to my favorite alkaline water from AlkaLogic to ensure I'm getting the cleanest and purest water—I'll add a couple of drops of Modern Ritual NYC's Be Love, a vibrational remedy that works on the emotional body for subtle, yet deep shifts over time.

Meditation is a key part of my day, and I'm always finding ways to make it more enjoyable—like sitting on gorgeous cushions from Samaya Life. While working with a focus on SereneBook, I speak to and meet with practitioners and brands all day, so finding a balance between work and self-care is important. I like to take a break by meditating again, taking a walk, or just turning up music and dancing to one of SereneBook's playlists.

To wind down the day, I cook my favorite vegan recipes from Jenné Clairborne's Sweet Potato Soul. I relax by reading, watching comedies, or listening to Binaural Beats. For a little self-love before dozing off to sleep, I do some reiki on myself. As a reiki healer who also guides and teaches at SoHo House and at SERENE events, this is such a beautiful way to practice self-care at the end of my day.

Tegan Bukowski

I'm the nomad of the team, roaming the streets of New York as often as I'm riding my bike through London, Palermo, Sweden, or Arizona. Balance is my mantra, and meditation is my secret ingredient and practice. Every morning I take several minutes before I even get out of bed to settle my mind and breathe into the foggy morning spaces of my body.

Yoga is the next order of the day. I try to either teach or take a yoga class every day. When I'm in London I teach at Stretch in East London and grab a tea at Tiosk on Broadway Market on the way to class. If I'm teaching meditation, it's often at Bandier's Studio B or Naturopathica in NYC. After teaching, I love to pop by ABC Carpet and Home to get some design inspo.

I'm an architect and the UX/UI designer in charge of design and technology for SereneBook and SERENE, so I spend a lot more time than I would like to looking at screens. I used to work from the beautiful Cafe Minerva in the West Village, and when in London, it's L'Eau a La Bouche in Hackney. If you're going to be working on a computer all day, it might as well be in the cutest atmosphere possible! Frequent walks and a change of scenery in between tasks is the best way to break up the day and feel fresh. For snacks, I avoid anything packaged or full of sugar, and stick to munching on something like Sun Potion's White Mulberries or veggies and homemade hummus.

My other meditation is creativity. I try to do something creative every day, whether it's drawing in my sketchbook, or designing something new with my architect boyfriend. Jan and I are currently working on designing a line of products together because we think that the couple that creates together, stays together!

My other mantra is "hydration, hydration, hydration." I start the day with apple cider vinegar and with a dash of local honey, and then I drink lots of water to flush my system early in the day. I drink water all day long and believe in face moisturizing twice daily too. Every evening I apply Linne Botanicals Face Serum Oil generously after washing with their Purify Face Wash.

Before I get into bed, I like to light some candles and burn sage in the Manhattan apartment I share with Jan. Adding punctuation to the day by creating transitional time and space is so important. I'll read or journal, with all mechanical lights and devices turned off, to begin to quiet my mind and find space before going to sleep.

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