This is just Another repository of discovery and design inspiration, Another place for me to organize my thoughts in a public place, Another place for you to accidentally end up online on a Sunday Morning. 

What started as a small set of musings by a designer-turned-tech and wellbeing entrepreneur has turned into a small magazine-like-blog followed by a small group of people. If you would like to join the ranks of "the updated" - please do so by subscribing.  I would love to keep you abreast of events and meet-ups that I, my friends, and my companies occasionally host. 



Just Another Bio:

Tegan Bukowski is an architect, designer, and entrepreneur. She is currently cooking up two different tech start-ups in the wellbeing and fitness space...not quite ready to come out of the oven yet. Her writing, companies and projects have been featured in the New York Times, Vogue, Marie Claire, FastCompany, FastCoExist, TIME, Forbes, The Financial Times, Well+Good, Mind Body Green, and many others. Check out a write up of her most recent company in FastCompany here

Trained at Yale, Tegan has worked with Leroy Street Studio, Plan B Architecture and Urbanism, Joeb Moore Architects and Zaha Hadid Architects. She has worked on designs ranging from skyscrapers in New York, Moscow, Taiwan, to urban projects in Dubai, airports in Abu Dhabi, homes in Beverly Hills and the Hamptons, furniture and exhibition for Art Basel, jewelry, sex toys, homewares, chandeliers and most recently a curvy mobile retail space. She also recently designed the Hyperloop in Otra Nation's proposal for Trump's Wall which was featured in TIME Magazine.

While, frustratingly, most of her designs are under strict NDA's of some sort, so you won't see them here or anywhere else,  you can request a portfolio if you are interested in working with her. 



1 - me
2 - southwest born and bred, my grandpa is a real cowboy
3 - the road home
4 - succulent forestry
5 - my meditation nook in my Hollywood house
6 - leading meditation at Bandier in NYC
7 - shamanic inspiration from Mama Medicine